Our Services

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GOLDEN LAKE is not only keen to provide you with high-quality services, but also creative business solutions supported by accumulated experiences, modern designs, and finishing touches that inspire beauty in every corner and corner. As for its practical activities, it adopts an approach directed at improving customer satisfaction, while converting costs into valuable resources backed by experience, improving cost-effectiveness to make it affordable to all customers, working flexibly, caring for safety, and using original materials.

Design and Management work

• Project management services.
• 2D & 3D Design Services.
• Irrigation systems design.
• Swimming pool design.
• Fountains, spa and artificial lakes.
• Landscaping design.

Water Features

• Concrete Swimming Pools (Shotcrete).
• Fountains, waterfalls and waterways.
• Spa (Jacuzzi and Steam Room).
• Artificial lakes.
• Water Plaza.


• Soft & Hardscape work.
• Irrigation system work.
• Grass work, industrial plants and courts.
• Green walls work, natural and artificial.
• Outdoor Terraces.
• External lighting work for gardens, corridors, internal & external fences.
• Rubber flooring work (basketball and tennis).
• PVC wood Flooring.


• Printed concrete floors works.
• Flooring works (basalt interlock … etc.).
• Paved areas, walkways.

Maintenance Services

• Routine maintenance of swimimg pool & water features.
• Routine maintenance of gardens and green spaces.
• Pest control.

Renovation & Repairs Work for

• Repair works for water features.
• Repair works for gardens and green spaces.
• Repair works for hardscape.
• Detecting and repairing water leaks.

General Contracting

• Construction work.
• Finishing works.
• Infrastructure works.
• Electromechanical works.