Determination Pays off..
An amazing story of a journey that began over 50 years ago with excellent service, starting with the Bouhayrat and continuing with the Golden Lake.

Since it’s inception in 1976, we have been striving to offer the very best in the field of water features.
I, with our excellent team of highly qualified engineers and experienced technicians promise to persevere with the same determination and enthusiasm that has contributed to our long story of success.

Ramzi J. Saab

Believing in the continuous progress since the establishment of the GOLDEN LAKE in 1976 to the present day, we can look at the past with pride and honor for the effective success we have achieved in customer satisfaction, we seek more excellence and progress through our cadres, giant fleet and diverse sectors in the field of contracting.

Eng. Torki Sarhan


Experience 15 year

We have the right to be proud of our employees and our clients, our “partners” in success, because they are the main engine for developing the level of our services and our work in many specialized fields, with our human resources of qualified workers present in most regions of the Kingdom, supported by the latest equipments to provide our services with confidence and with high international standards in order to earn our client’s satisfaction and to be the first and best choice.

Hazem Ashour


Experience 25 year